Hi all,


I've been noticing a sudden vibration while cruising or decent. It happens more on decent than at cruise.

I'll be cruising along at 5200, get the vibration then about 10 or 20 seconds later, it stops without me doing anything. 

In cruise or decent, I can throttle back to idle, then return to same RPM that I was previously at and that will make it go away faster.

Any thoughts, Motor mount, prop...?

I checked my motor mount bushings. I have a "cradle" mount setup. They seem good, but are hard. I can not find the same ones and the only ones that will fit are on the small side, Barry's 22001. I got the hard ones and they are definitely softer than the ones in the plane.

The issue with the Barry mount is that they are for a 3/4 hole and the hole I have is 1 inch. Barry's 22002 are for a 1.25 in hole and Lord doesn't make anything that will fit.

 Should I try the Barry's even though they are a 1/4 in too narrow or any ideas to fill that 1/4 inch?

Any help will be appreciated!

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