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    5651971 was produced 05-Sep-2008

     ROTAX 912 ULS

     912 ULS2



    • with fuel lines
    • UL2 I=2,43 with clutch
    • without vacuum pump
    • with green valve covers
    • without mech. tachom. pick up
    • without external generator
    • without air guide baffle
    • with std. temperatur sensors
    • with screw connection UNF
    • with expansion tank
    • without air box
    • bent sockets for engine truss
    • starter large

    carb serial numbers:


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    I’m trying determine wether I should change floats according AD 2016-0144 / ASB-912-069 / SB-912-067UL. Engine S/N is 4152496. I found following numbers from carbs 64/32/394 (left) 64/32/395. I’m not sure if these are P/N or S/N.


    Admin, please look up Carb serial numbers for this engine?


    BR, Kalle

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    And floats are unmarked, no dots.

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    4152496 was produced 03-Nov-1993.

    That is old enough that there is no information in the factory database.

    (So there is no way to look up your original factory carb serial numbers.)


    those numbers you found are neither (ROTAX) part numbers nor serial numbers.


    not all the carbs came with serial numbers, but if yours has them you would find them as shown:


    However, if your engine logbook has no indication that the floats have ever been replaced, while you have them out, you might want to weigh them to verify that they are in spec. See this video at the 12:47 mark, for the weight check procedure... https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/videos-topmenu/expanded-video-instructions/445-sb912065





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    Thank you,

    Carbs do not have serial numbers. They do not have float chamber drain plugs.

    According records floats have not been replaced.

    Engine has been inactive inc maintenance from 08/2006 - now.

    I will weigh floats and check buoyancy acc SB-912-065UL during next scheduled maintenance. I quess it makes no sense right now due to long inactivity period as carbs have been dry for +10 years.

    Advice on ASB-912-069UL and SB-912-067UL criterion B effectivity?


    BR, Kalle

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