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Hi all, I'm new here so forgive me.  I recently purchased an older kitfox 2 with 912, nd am trying to sort out all the SB's and technical stuff to see where i stand.  Is there a place on this site, or another site, where I can type in the serial number and figure out the TBO and all related Mx issues, or do I need to post it here publicly for the rotax gurus to respond to the specific engine request?  I've been looking and just can't seem to find where specific info on MY engine cane found.  Thanks for any help...

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    Download the Maintenance Manual (Line) here:


    See Chapter 05-10-00, Time Limits.  There is a table of TBOs by engine type and serial number on pages 4 & 5 of that chapter.

    There's lots of other good maintenance info in there too, so definitely have a look.

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    TBO in some cases depends on whether or not certain service procedures were performed.

    And your engine may have a unique configuration and that will affect the applicable service bulletins.

    To get detailed information on your engine, post the serial number here and I can look it up.

    The first thing you need to know in order to determine a checklist of potentially applicable service bulletins is the date of manufacture. Armed with that data you can use our service bulletin search engine to generate a list using the "By Engine Type" search option, and filling in a date range starting with the month and year of your engine production date. NOTE: a serial number search option is provided - but due to the structure of the various bulletins, that is not going to generate a complete list - Engine Type combined with date range is the most effective way to get a list specific to your engine.


    25639_2_daterange.png (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    Thanks for the response.  I fear I'll be opening a can of worms, but it must be done.  The Serial number is 3792952

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    3792952 was produced 26-June-1991.

     ROTAX 912 UL



    26-June-1991 means that the engine is way past its TBO, and it predates the electronic engine database, so I cannot pull up any detailed configuration info for you there. You can however still search for a full list of all applicable service bulletins over the years - and then check the engine logbook to see if they were all complied with.

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