Can My Engine Go to the 2000 Hour TBO?


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    by » 2 years ago

    Technically, all the Rotax 4-stroke engines can go to 2000 hour TBO. But to do so, all the applicable service bulletins must have been complied with – and that’s not economically practical on most engines.

    Service Bulletin SB 912-057 is the document that stipulates the conditions for the 2000 hour TBO. It states the requirement that the engine have the latest-design engine case. The latest case design (part number 892 654) was introduced in July of 2006. Unless your engine was manufactured after that date, or the case has been changed for some reason, your engine is not eligible for the 2000 hour TBO.

    If you have a 5 digit sequential number that is stamped into the case, such as this one, you have the old style case and the engine is not eligible for the 2000 hour TBO.


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    Tom: is your engine a 912, 912S or 914?  (Different service bulletins may apply)

    for 912UL or 912ULS, consult sb-912-057-ul

    for 914UL, consult sb-912-041-ul  and also sb-914-039-ul


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