Hi Experts,

My plane is in Phase 1 testing right now (being flown by someone else in Norman, OK) and is having a recurring issue.

This morning he flew for nearly 5 hours all the way up to 13,500' with no issue at all (he's flying with 100% MOGAS right now).

In the afternoon he took it up again and was doing maneuvers down low, around 3,500' with no issue.  But, then he climbed up to 9,500' and the engine shook pretty bad and lost significant power (didn't quit though).  He retarded the throttle and he descended where power returned.

The flight can actually be viewed here: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N722CM

All engine indications looked perfectly fine leading up to the power loss.  It was suggested to switch to AVGAS, but then why did it fly perfectly at 13,500' earlier in the day?

Any thoughts?

Additional thought: There is a fuel flow meter on the line going to one of the carbs - could it be that some cavitation is happening with that meter, so it only affects one carb and the cylinders it supplies?  Would that cause the bad shaking?



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