Good morning, a few hours ago my engine started with some vivration from 4800 RPM, trying to find the problem, the first thing I do is check the synchronization of the carburetors, and I find that they are very out of synch and now my doubt is okay .

When I This is my motor 20 hour ago them at low RPM (3000), and proceed to increase the RPM, they de-synchronize again, and the same towards idle, only they de-synchronize in the opposite direction.

I try and there's no way they'll stay in sync throughout the acceleration range. they are undoubtedly accelerating differently. The installation is perfect, the cables are perfect.

The last time I synchronized them they looked good and it was about 20 hours ago.

I have an idea that the diaphragms could be working unevenly, has something similar happened to them?


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