• Re: Rotax radiator leak

    by » 6 months ago

    Thanks Wayne.  I wouldn't mind so much paying $500 for a radiator from Lockwood, unfortunately Pipistrel had the "stock" radiators modified by having the stock outlet blocked off and a new outlet welded onto the tank 90 degrees  away from the stock outlet, so that it would clear the left carb (the radiator is mounted behind and slightly above the engine).  They want over $1000 for their 'stock' radiator, which is a bit rich when the original did not last 100 hours before leaking.

    Mine is bolted directly to the engine mounting frame, and there's no current flow between radiator and engine.  Initially there appeared to be pitting, but I cleaned off the paint and the aluminum beneath was clean.  The appearance of pitting was all in the paint.  The inlet stub is also out-of-round and waisted (shaped like an hour glass) while the outlet stub is perfectly round and straight.  It's just a crummy Austrian weld.

    (Like the crummy plastic floats I just had to replace as 3 of the 4 had sunk).  I can buy a new 600 cfm Holley 4 barrel for the cost of a single pair of Bing floats.  

    So much for Teutonic engineering and cradtsmanship.

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