Hi all

Does anyone on here know if the company that made the Thermostasis oil bypass unit for the Rotax 912 series is still in business?

I would like to be able to talk directly to the manufacturer to discuss installation queries and ensure I am dealing with up to date information (I have found quite a few conflicting sources of information) but I am finding it difficult to source any contacts.


I have already asked Aircraft Spruce but the website contact they have on their system for the manufacturer takes me to a company that sells sleeping bags! http://www.thermostasis.com/

It would just be nice to know either way if they are still in business or not and if so have contact for ongoing customer support.

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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    by » 5 months ago

    The Thermostasis.Com link defaults to Dynadot.Com, the Web Hosting Server.
    Thermostasis.Com is either permanently gone or they forgot to pay their Hosting Fees and are temporarily suspended.

    The units are inherently simple devices and nearly impossible to mis-install.
    Reversing the Feed and Return ports only introduces a slight temperature offset.

    What are the Questions?

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
    Clicking the "Thank You" is Always Appreciated.

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    by » 5 months ago

    Hi Bill

    Thanks for the reply. They are indeed fantastic because they are simple and light and mostly idiot proof for folks fitting them into their aircraft. That's why I like them!

    I just want to know if they are still being made or if the Aircraft Spruces and Specialties are selling existing stocks of them that when they are gone they are gone. We have a few kit builds on the horizon and it would be nice to know that the units will continue to be available for a while. 

    It is also nice having a current manufacturer to provide provenance for parts and a track record of testing in the field. It adds to the strength and confidence in an aircraft modification when the weight of paperwork that supports such mods can be more than the weight of the aircraft! 

    It is just a peace of mind if we pass an aircraft that we have built on to another owner if the manufacturer of a piece of equipment still exists. 

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