I have a Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP, with 250 hours, installed on Airwolf Powered Parachute.

Recently from time to time, while warming up the engine (2500 RPM after 1 minute), I feel that the engine produce extra vibrations.

It is not happen every time, but from time to time.

When it is happen, I reduce RPM to idle (default RPM set to 1900) and I notice that the RPM is low around 1400.

At this point I turn the engine off and restart it again.

Most of the times it become ok and idle RPM is 1900 stable. I had several times it happen second time, one after another.

Hourly maintanance is being done according to Rotax instructions.

I appreciate any advice in order to solve this issue.


Best regards,

Nadav Barak.


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