I am doing a 582 to 912 swap. I had a Westach Water temp gauge in my panel before with a two wire sender in the head. From what I have read that gauge is NOT compatible with VDO/Rotax style senders. I have what I believe are the original senders on two cylinders on my late 90's UL. I'd like to just leave those senders in there and find a compatible CHT gauge to put in the panel. Looking at the Aviasport on Spruce for the factory markings and there are two different ones. Below are the part numbers and copy and paste from the description. Only thing I could read on these sensors was the word Germany. Can anyone confirm if they are VDO or "sensors that came from the factory" which is the $195 Rotax part number 965-531.

Part# 15-06646
MFR Model# IM550

For use with VDO sensor only


Part# 15-08392
MFR Model# IM549

It works with sensors that come from the factory with Rotax engines.




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