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    I installed the two ignitech modules on a friend's zenair 601 two years ago , and it works extremely well.

    One of the two original Ducati modules no longer worked.

    We tested the modules on a test bench before installation with my son who is an internal combustion engine engineer.

    The results are very conclusive and after installation the rotax 912 ULS runs perfectly.

    We mounted the ignitech modules on the cockpit side firewall, protected from vibrations and engine heat.

    The additional Ignitech module has been installed and the engine starts instantly.

    Attention, once the additional module is installed, the engine starts at the first solicitation, so make sure that the ignition is " OFF"  position before touching the propeller.

    We ordered the modules with the plugs identical to the Rotax plugs, all you had to do was plug instead of the original modules.

    The 90 cm of wires allowed the modules to be placed inside the firewall.

    The two additional ignitech modules each require a 3 A fuse .These modules are installed to start the engine without needing to reach a certain speed before the Rotax generator supplies a certain voltage.

    ignitech modules are sold with a DB15 plug which allows the ignition advance to be reprogrammed, but as the modules are manufactured with Rotax ignition curves, we have not changed these curves for use, and the installation was done without changing anything.

    During the test on a test bench, we explored these curves to finally return to the original Ignitech curves for a Rotax engine.

    The set of the two cost us 330 € with the Rotax plugs and the expedition which took a week.

    The 6 friends we consulted before installation have installed these modules on MCRs for 4 years, without any problem

    "It was almost a pleasure to break down" 😂

    Jacques ( and google translate )

    Thank you said by: Walter Abrahams, Garrett Wysocki

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    Thank you Brian, Jacques, thank you all for the comprehensive replies!
    I will order them today 😀

    Jacques, by "additional modules", do you mean those smaller white blocks (AC regulator / merger)?
    Did you use inline 3A fuses?

    Thank you said by: Brian FitzGerald

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    when I speak of additional modules, I mean "small white modules".

    What are they for?

    In Rotax ignition circuits, the engine, driven by the starter, must reach a certain speed, so that the generator supplies sufficient voltage to power the Ducati modules.

    it works with Ignitech ignition.

    In addition, Ignitech supplied "the small white boxes" which supply the boxes directly from the on-board battery, and from the main bus.

    These modules are each protected by a 3 Ampere fuse placed after the aircraft's main bus.

    A fuse is faster in the event of a problem than a breaker. Powered by these additional modules, it can start immediately.

    These modules are grounded through the sockets, so there is nothing to do other than connect the positive wire and put in two fuses.

    Note that if you order the modules with the connectors installed on the original modules, Rotax, there is nothing to do other than connect an ignitech module to the "A" Rotax socket, and the other box on the "B" Rotax socket.

    Connect each additional unit to the main bus using a fuse mentioned above.

    For the installation, we installed the modules on a hatch, with the modules on the cockpit side, the hatch itself fixed to the firewall partition previously cut and sealed after its installation.

    I would like to add that I am aware that this modifies the original Rotax installation, take your responsibility yourself on this subject.

    I'm not sponsored by Ignitech and that's a shame!

    I am also aware that there are a lot of spelling mistakes with the English language, contact google translate and ask for it to get better!

    Jacques (and Google translate)

    Thank you said by: Garrett Wysocki, RotaxOwner Admin

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    Your (google's) spelling is just fine Jacques 😉
    Thanks again for the detailed information!

    I would have ordered them at lightflight in England (thanks Kevin for the link) if I didn't have to pay customs (Brexit you know), because they offer nice alloy mounts and nice firewall closure plates and stuff.

    So I just ordered them at IgniTech an hour ago. 
    With the white boxes (AC regulator merger) and I asked for the power mode DC + AC.

    So I plan to connect the red wire to the starter relay activation terminal which only gets 12V when starting and the engine generator will take over once the engine runs.  (If I'm right about this?)

    But I guess that it comes with installation instructions.

    I'll let you guys know how it all went when installed and running.

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    Meanwhile ...

    Jacques, since you and your son tested the IgniTech modules on the test bench, can you tell me how the "Soft Start" feature (ignition advance) on these works?
    I know that soft start means a smaller angle to Top Dead Center for the spark, but when and for how long or under what condition or .... ?

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