Still struggling with the cooling system on a Kitfox IV w/ 912ULS.

In order to get the final hose installed from cylinder 4 to the water pump, I need to adjust 4's cooling inlet fitting by about 10 degrees so it's not pointing directly at the engine mount.  There's no way to install a hose without a kink in it otherwise. (Old hose had significant kink.)

Looking through the MM, I don't see any text about removing or adjusting those fittings.  There is a star next to them (page 336), but I find no correlating star in the text.

Going back a few pages to the water pump disassembly and reassembly, the same part numbers can be removed after heating to 180 degree F cleaned and re-assembled with a minimum of 5 turns and Loctite 243.

Is the procedure the same for the cylinder mounted elbows as the water pump?  Am I missing something in the MM text?

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    Hello John

    The inlet nipple is the same as the water pump casting.  The process is also the same to remove them and install them.  Be sure to use the correct Locitite.  the process is found in the Heavy Maintenance Manual



    31654_2_coolant elbow cyl head.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    Thanks for that.  Same part number, different Loctite, different temp needed.  Didn't see that page in my searching.

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    I prefer Loctite 648 because I never worry that it may leak or loosen if someone bumps it too hard. I have had Loctite 243 / 242 leak from the factory.


    The difference between Loctite 242 and Loctite 243 is that Loctite 243 is a slightly upgraded version of Loctite 242. You’re unlikely to notice the difference, but 243 actually has a slightly better oil tolerance than Loctite 242.

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