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    Hi all

    So just a note on mixing.  The original coolants were called IAT, inorganic acid technology.  These used materials like silica to keep the corrosion at bay but need frequent changes as the additives wear out fighting the corrosion in your engine.  Typically they are green in color and require change every 24 months of use.  To solve the low time between changes OAT, organic acid-inhibitor technology, was developed.  This actually started in concept by a Texaco company in the late 1980s.  In the mid 1990s GM developed an OAT of its own and got a patent on it with the trade name DexCool.  DexCool is orange in color however there are OAT compounds that are red and other shades so one should not assume that all OAT are the same.  Dexcool is great in a Rotax because it matches our 5 year lifespan of the hoses and need not be changed until then.  A lot of newer liquid cooled engines now use HOAT, hybrid organic acid inhibitor technology.  These are blended special coolants and come with a rainbow of colors depending on where they were developed.  Basically they took OAT and blended back some small amounts of silica and other special things to combat corrosion.  A lot of the high end cars will come with these pink, blue and other fancy color coolants.  The big NO NO here is none of these should be mixed together.  IAT coolants should not be mixed with OAT and they should not be mixed with HOAT collants under any circumstances.  The mix is going to be a witches brew and could spell trouble for your water pump seals and the like.  

    So back to your question Chris...the Zerex is an HOAT coolant...Should be just fine in the engine from the specs I can see.  Zerex also makes a DexCool OAT coolant.  Just don't mix them together.



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