Hello, I have been flying my aircraft for now 20 hours, I notice in the last couple of flight that  my fuel flow transducer FT-60 thru the G3X reads about 1psi lower then my analog gauge in the console, in a climb it when down in the red to 2.4psi but the analog read 3.4psi, switching on my electric pump added .5psi on both. On Static run with 4000rpm fuel flow is always above 4.5psi on both. 


Is there calibration to do the FT-60?

In a climb is it normal for the fuel pressure come down in the 3.4psi range? 

Aircraft is a TL3000 with 700h



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    Looking for answers myself...

    I have the same problem with my 2016 Bristell (912ULS) I also have the Garmin G3x. The transducer has been replaced and it still does the same thing. I do not have an analog gauge. I am staring my annual condition inspection as well as the 5 year rubber replacement, I intend to also replace the restrictor valve, fuel pump, fuel lines, and filter. I well let you know how it goes. 

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    I thing you may be "overthinking " this.

    It makes sense that when the demand (climb out) for fuel is high, you are using a fixed aperture return fuel system, the fuel pressure may be lower than at other times.

    Personally I use my fuel boost pump, from just befor take off, to a safe (turn back) altitude. I also switch on by boost pump on down wind and leave it on until I clear the runway. By doing this any tendency for reduced fuel supply is minimised.

    As for small discrepancies between gauges - Cost/weight /complexity mitigates againstmost light aircraft having precision gauges. The best you can hope for is a consistency (not accuracy), so that any changes eg sudden fuel/oil pressure drop, increase in temperatures can be observed and acted on.

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    Still having the same. Problems… fuel pressure reading fluctuate from below 2 psi setting off the alarm and also to 7 psi setting off the alarm. The electronic fuel pump make no difference. Going to try replacing the fuel pressure sensor kavlico 15 psi…

    any help or info would be appreciated…

    thank you 

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    This issue is all over the forums. Lots of people complain about this. RV12 owners complain about it. I don't know anyone that has had a good fix and no one that has had an engine even cough and it's always on climb out. Why this seems to affect some aircraft and not others I don't know. Maybe it's just a fuel flow issue with the way some aircraft are designed with their hoses and fuel flow setup?

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