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    Remember when I said the radio noise was probably a clue?  It certainly was.  I tied the plane down with the intention of doing a lot of swapping of connectors, but the first thing I did was verify A was still rough, and listen to see where the radio noise was coming from.  The noise was clearly from A, so I rechecked the connections to the plugs, where I found that 3B was just barely on the plug.  Once that was properly connected, the radio noise was gone, and so was the roughness.  That pretty much means the resistor caps were the fix.  I did some measuring of the old caps, and found two that were about 6.5 k ohms, and one that just defied measurement.  I finally cut the boot off that one, and still couldn't get a good connection.  Next I broke the housing off around the threaded stud, and I was finally able to get an alligator clip on tight enough to read about 5 k ohms. 

    I'm calling it good for now, but making a note that I'm suspicious of the 1T-2T coil or wires.  That one still reads 17.5 k from plug to plug, where the others all read 15 k.  I have a couple used coils on the way, and some day I will likely replace all the wires and that coil if it still measures bad once I get the wires off.  No hurry on that though. 




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