• Re: Engine Cooling Before Shutdown

    by » one year ago

    Hi all

    Good discussion.  The main concern is control of your oil temps.  In a Turbo this is especially important to avoid carbon in the turbo and lines as noted by some of the replies.  if your oil has cooled down into lower levels you should be fine.  Heat soak on temps occurs after you remove your cooling air (stop the propeller) and in many cases this will cause the temps to increase for a period of time.  This is generally the cause of fuel vapor lock especially in tightly cowled engines.  

    I fully agree...nice 2 or 3 min taxi then do a engine stop check.  If your oil temps are high from the turbo or just lack of airflow open your cowl vents if you have them and point into the wind for a bit.  RPM just above idle is the lowest load without stopping your big "fan" blowing in air.  As noted in a turbo as soon as you drop your RPM the turbo spools down so your issue is oil temp.  


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