Anybody has experience using octane nooster in a 914

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    by » 6 months ago

    Certain octane boost products assert that they can elevate the octane level by 23 points. Yet, the reality is that this increase of 23 points translates to a mere 2.3 octane points. Therefore, if applied to 94-octane fuel, these products claim to raise it to 96.3 octane. However, many products tend to provide only a minimal octane boost. For instance, when applied to 94-octane fuel, they might only raise it to 94.3 octane. It's important to remain cautious about deceptive claims from unreliable vendors, as there is a substantial number of such products in the market when it comes to octane boosters.

    The concept of what octane does for an engine delves into an entirely different subject altogether, and you can discover a plethora of information online regarding it. A hint to keep in mind is that it won't result in any additional horsepower gains.

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