I have been running down an intermittent problem with one mag with occasional large RPM drop on my 1400 hour 912 ULS. Poking around the ignition coils I found *lots* of chaffed wires going in and out of the coils as well as near the connectors. In most cases chaffing was to the point of wire to wire or wire to metal contact.

For the most part wires in this area are loose. If it were me I would have laced them up initially but frankly I am surprised there was enough mass and vibration to result in the extreme chaffing I found. It is kind of a PITA to get the coil assembly out for inspection but it might be worth taking a look at yours if you are chasing down a rough engine (isn't everyone?).

The low voltage ignition leads all have a field splice between the wire molded into the coil and the wire that goes to the connector. Is this standard? It would have been nice if this were a single contiguous wire.

I have been thinking about trying to repair these with heat shrink. From what I have seen the wires themselves looks intact. But the more I think about it the more I think I'll just pull out the check book and write one for $1500+.



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