Rumor has it that there is a training program for owners to do their own work on 914 engines.  Experimental only of standard category?  Any info would be appreciated.

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    by » 11 months ago

    Hi Ken

    I see you are in the USA.  Check www.rotaxflyingclub.com or the list on www.rotax-owner.com 

    There are 4 independent Training Centres (iTC) in the USA and 2 in Canada plus more in Latin America.  For the US ones you can find when the classes are from the web pages and register.  Who can do the work depends on your aircraft certification.  If it is experimental you can do it all yourself if it is amature built as long as you have the repairmans ticket for that N number.  For ELSA you will need to have a 2 day class from an FAA approved trainer plus i recommend the Rotax programs, Service and Maintenance.  The authorised iTC in the USA offer the Rotax approved independent Rotax Maintenance Training (iRMT) technician ratings.  

    If the aircraft has a type certificate, standard and not special, then you will need to have an A&P sign off any work you do but that is permitted if you have an A&P who will work with you.  I would recommend you contact your FAA office if you have concerns. 

    The training for iRMT technicians is a type training and as such qualifies you by Rotax standards.  You have to just be sure that you also have coverage by the FAA rules to sign off your work.


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