Hello Everyone,
I am very new on this forum/website which I only discovered recently. A shame...
I live in France and I am the happy owner of a MCR4S (from Dynaero) built by myself. It currently have a 912S. But I am seriously thinking to switch for a 912iS.
I have starting to go through all the documentation and started first sketches. But I am currently facing a problem with the fuel pump positioning.
Indeed I can read in the manual that this pump as to be as low as possible, and heard from people that it has to be under the fuel tank.
On my aircraft the fuel tank are in the wings (like in many low wing aircraft i guess...) So I wonder how you guys did it and if those pumps are really not able to self prime as soon as the fuel [strike]tank[/strike] pump is slightly higher.
For me the ideal would be to have the pump something like 10cm higher than the take pipe, and with big efforts I might take it down to 5cm.
What's your opinion ?
Many thanks for your help.
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