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    After engine start, Lane A has 0 value for Injector 1,2,3,4 Dwell Time, we then cycle Lane A, still 0s for Dwell Time for Lane A, but when we shut down Lane B, we get numbers for Lane A's Dwell Time and the engine keeps running. When Lane B is back on, Lane A stops working again.

    We cleaned all 8 injector connectors and also clean the big ones under ECU before we did our last test run.

    Think you are right, we have to remove one connector at a time when engine is running to find out the bad one.

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    We have just had a similar problem, the LANE A light would come on but initially we could toggle the Lane A switch and clear the fault, however, the interval between these failures got worse and then it wouldn't clear. There were no real engine rpm drop on performance. We use the aircraft as a Glider / Sailplane Tow plane. We spent most of today investigating the fault. The Downloaded data showed an "Ignition (Cyl 1 and 2) Driver Test Open Secondary Detected". We concentrated on Cyl 1 and 2. We pulled off the Spark Plug Caps and using a Multimeter measured the resistance between Cyl 1T and Cyl 1B it read  18k ohm (Ignition Module 8k + two plug caps of 5k each), however, Cyl 1B and Cyl 1T was Open Circuit. It was a case of eliminating the Ignition Coil module, leads and Plug Caps. In our case it turned out to be a plug cap, with an O/C resistor. We dissected the plug cap to see if the resistor had burned out of just suffered some vibration damage, it was inconclusive although there were slight burn marks on the resistor. I hope this helps others with a similar problem, because Rotax and their Agents don't seem very helpful with the 912iS Engine faults.



    31369_2_scan0023.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    We have the exact same problem. In flight lane A lights up. After a reset, lane A seems to work again for a few minutes. However, after a few minutes the problem comes back. The error log states "Ignition/injection driver communication error". Where to start debugging this issue?


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