Hi, all. I have a 2013 Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat with a 912 iS and about 450 hours on it. On climbout at 60 or 70 kts, the oil temp went into the yellow. I *think* that the outside air temp was 31 degrees. Anyway, it was a mild autumn weather in Brisbane, Australia. Earlier, then the outside air temp was in the high 30's, the oil temp got too hot in about the time it takes to do a quick run up.

The Foxbat is said to be "over cooled" but the factory only made two fuel injected ones. Does the fuel injection lean the mixture so much that there would be a really noticeable increase in oil temperature.

There is no tape over the radiators. There are no bugs blocking them. There are no oil leaks. The coolant is green car premix. Its is not the brand recommended by Rotax. Should I change the coolant. There is coolant in the window and the cap fits tightly. How do I test the spring in the cap? Do I need to? The water temp is fine anyway.

The last 50 hourly was done before I bought the plane. It was done by a LAME (Australian for mechanic that works on certified aircraft) who is familiar with Rotax. Any point changing the oil filter (I hope not!)? Do I need to check that there are no kinks in the oil lines? I had a close look when I bought it and did not notice any. Any chance of an air lock in an oil pipe (I hope not!)? It runs mogas.

Do I just need to get a bigger/extra oil cooler?

Related question, please. How bad is it to run the yellow of the oil temp? Does it break down the oil, or is it just a colour to remind you that red is coming up?

Andrew Nielsen
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