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I'm new to this  website.

Need to troubleshoot my Rotax 912iS (Flight Design CT-LSi)

Runs very rough on Lane A

Got the "Level 3" dongle

Watched the videos

The download screens on the video are different than what I saw on this website.

It's blurry, but apparently the video shows an older version of the website.

Regardless, I downloaded and installed the BUDS software version 3.0.1 (again, blurry but it looks like the video shows version 2.something)

The video doesn't match the screen that I got after installing BUDS and authenticating my dongle

I nevertheless connected everything to my airplane and it didn't work.




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    How did you get a level 3 dongle? The distributor here only wants to sell me a level 2. (I hope this hijack was not poor etiquette.) 

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    Your right. The video is for the early version of BUDS. The latest version is easier to use, the program walks you through the steps to get to extracting the logs, except the extraction default location is to the BUDS program for storage. The operator must designate the location if you want to use a memory stick.  What type computer/ operating system are you using? Windows 10 is the most common one used. If you computer display is blurry you might be using a computer which is too slow, not enough memory, or a problem with the dongle connecting cable. At startup you must turn the computer/ ECU on in a certain sequence or the program will not recognize ECU. The dongle indicator light should come on steady when the computer is turned on and should blink when communication is in progress. Also, if the computer and the ECU are talking OK you should see, in the upper  left area of the the screen,  green colored A and B symbols.

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    I'm an A&P

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    My computer screen is not blurry. 

    The videos on this website are blurry.

    I did everything just as it is described on the video, in the exact same order, and it still didn't read the logs. "A" and "B" never changed color from grey.

    One of my problems is that I have no internet in the hangar, and it is under freezing here in nebraska in the middle of the day.

    Bottom line: I paid $20 to access videos that are outdated and didn't help me at all.

    I don't know what do do.

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    Well now, that's interesting. One time I downloaded a manual from Rotax and ended up with the screen display you described. I was in the hangar using a home network with a satellite link to the ISP. The home network in the hangar was kind of shaky. Took the computer in the house, downloaded again and got excellent results. If it were me I would remove BUDS from the computer and then at a good connection site I would go direct to www. fly rotax.com and down load and install again. Don't lose heart the BUDS program is very nice to use. I sometimes use it in an active state, meaning with the engine running and check the health page for rea ltime faults.

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