• Re: What does the ECU use EGT and CHT sensors for?

    by » one month ago

    Jeff Blakeslee wrote:

    That’s interesting data and seems pretty conclusive in favor of your position.  It just seems like the EGT would be an important data point for mixture control, but I guess manifold pressure and CHT can also tell the story.  Whenever the lane light is flashing it’s easy to think the engine is running rough, so maybe that’s what happened in my case when my EGT probe failed.     

    I think it ignores CHT as well. But even if so your EFIS will still monitor it and can tell you if issues come up.


    Can the EFIS impact the ECU behavior at all to adjust mixture or timing in any way like to tell it to advance or retard timing or tell it to run the mixture lean or rich?

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