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    After the fatal accident report from Ireland of GOJCS the C of G used by Bristell was found to be grossly in error. The LAA required all UK Bristell's to have new weight and balance calculations. The result was that all models of Bristell NG5, with Rotax Power, had W &B problems, especially when a passenger was carried. The LAA have also issued a notice restricting the use of the space behind the seats. Other owners addressed the problem by installing heavier props, batteries etc

    The Jabiru powered NG5 does not have restrictive weight and balance.

    The US agent has addressed the problem by adding 9.5kg ballast weight to the forward part of the engine (4.5kg above and 5kg below). A drastic move but he now claims that the only restriction he finds is keeping below 600kg. See attached photos.


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