Dear Sir,

I am an Avionics Design & Integration Engineer for 2 seat airplane from CSIR-NAL, Bangalore, India.


We have procured the following:


·        Rotax 912iSc Sports Engine.


·        B.U.D.S Set level 2 - Service Software (P/N 864022)


·        Engine Management Unit (EMU) from M/s RS Flight Systems


We have developed an Engine testbed for Rotax engine with EMU display. We are well familiar with the EMU system operation. I have a certain following query on B.U.D.S system integration. Could you please clarify individually?


·        Shall we connect EMU and B.U.D.S system together with ECU hardware in Testbed environment at the same time and run the engine ? Please confirm


·        Does the B.U.D.S system provide the Live data monitoring capability of Engine parameters when the engine is running? Please confirm, so that we want to observe the EMU display & B.U.D.S at the same time simultaneously. Is it allowed? Or


·        Should the B.U.D.S system be used only for post-flight engine data log extraction/analysis?




·        Does any special approval/qualification required from any respective Aviation Authority to integrate and operate/run the B.U.D.S system with the engine on the ground?


·        Could you please share a list of parameters available on maintenance CAN channels (B.U.D.S system)?

Awaiting for clarification. Thanks in advance.


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