Does anyone knows the difference between the BRP Buds adapter and the PEAK PCAN USB adapter like the IPEH-002021 or IPEH-002022. There is something protecting the use of the PEAK adapter?

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    The BUDS Dongle has Proprietary Security Authentication Firmware that the Software requires to see before the It will execute.
    Any USB to CAN interface will physically work, but the BUDS software REQUIRES that the interface be an authentic Rotax Dongle.
    Anyone can download the BUDS software but it will not execute without authenticating a genuine Rotax Dongle.

    If you want to write your own BUDS equivalent software to work with a generic interface ... more power to you!
    That is assuming the ECU does not also authenticate the Dongle.

    It might be easier to reverse engineer the Dongle.
    It might also be even easier to just bite the bullet and buy a dongle and get on with other concerns.
    Consider it just part of the price of owning the engine.
    You might end up replacing the engine at some time in the future, but at least the replacement will Not include the cost of a Dongle that you already own.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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