Blackstone Lab - Oil Analysis was conducted after my 1st oil change on my new 912is (17hrs) as I prepare the plane for a long cross country to Sun N Fun.  See the attached results.

Does anyone have experience interpreting these results as I'm concerned about the elevated NICKEL ppm.  It appears the narrative from Blackstone Lab says it's a result of "the parts carving out working clearances". 

Any input is appreciated.

Thanks again.


8572_1_1 - N582VA-210327.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)
  • Re: 912is - FIRST OIL CHANGE - Blackstone Lab - Oil Report

    by » 2 weeks ago

    I think the report speaks for itself and would not concern me at all.  Blackstone sees a lot of these and one of the things you are paying for is their experience, so don't second guess it.  Check it again 50 or 100 hours from now and your wear metals will likely be right in the averages.  

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