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Might be a silly question but I am about to install a 912iS and I initially thought that the ECU provides all of the data for needed in the cockpit. Can anyone confirm if the ECU provides fuel pressure data or if one needs to purchase a fuel pressure valve and install that accordingly? From reading the manual it seems that I need an aftermarket fuel pressure probe but it is a bit vague?


Id also like to know what coarse fuel filters everyone is using?



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    You'll have to source one. Rotax assumes that the pumps are delivering at the proper pressure for the injection. It si important also that if you install one that it measures with the airbox pressure as baseline. I have a MGL iEFIS, and use a UMA fuel sender. 

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    You will need to obtain a Fuel Pressure sensor that is compatible with your display.
    The UMA Brand N1EU70D Sender is compatible with most Displays.
    It is a Differential sender as needed for the Fuel-Injected engines.
    There is a mounting screw on the airbox that can be swapped out for a barbed fitting to connect to the Differential port of the sender.

    The ECU does NOT Provide ...
    Fuel Pressure Data
    Fuel Level
    Battery Voltage
    Charge Current

    The engine Fuel Rail terminates at the Fuel Pressure Regulator.
    So, you will need to obtain the Fuel Pressure Sensor/Sender, but NOT the Fuel Pressure Regulator/Valve.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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