I'm already desperate for constant outages on my Bristell NG5. The engine run normal sometime  hours and then engine lost power or stall...ECU A light on and in logs from engine is on first place error Failure - "The main functunality of the enhanced Time Processor Unit (eTPU) are the decoding of the trigger weel which allows synchronisation of the crankshaft position, driving the output commands for the actuators at the proper crank angle and time so the engine has proper fuel and ignition to run and providing diagnostic feedback form various inputs and actuators. If an engine stall is detected, this fault is generated. This fault can be logged multiple times."
Sometime engine completly shutdown (last time on start phase -  timestamp 923:03:09)

Engine have in low rpm bad running, so hard ...not like new.I checked every connectors,cables,pumps...everything.
New spark plugs, spark plug caps...
Sometime i find in logs fault of sensor XXX? What is this?

Please have someone have an idea ?
LOGs here from my gdrive - LOGs

9190_1_XXX sensor.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
9190_1_eTPU.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
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