Is there a generic bracket for mixing dual throttle knobs down to a single? I'm imagining the two throttles would maybe meet on a bracket on the left side of the engine mount, then one cable to the engine.

Zenith has a lever bar up on the firewall that could work, but it's more complex and takes up more space than it needs to for a dual-to-one setup.

  • Re: Dual throttles for 912iS?

    by » 11 months ago

    There are various aircraft, like the Zenith you mentioned, that incorporate a dual throttle setup. However, we're not aware of any dual-throttle kits available. Instead, this tends to be a unique design feature tailored for specific aircraft models. If you could provide more details about your aircraft type, there's a chance the manufacturer might have already developed a solution. If not, you might need to take the initiative to design and engineer a custom solution yourself.

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