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In the sensor setup page I see rpm tach and oil temperature receive their input from the CAN. An additional item, “(Rotax fixed)”, is listed for these two sensors. What does this mean?


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    Which instrument are you setting up, exactly?

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    Thanks for the reply. Actually I was just viewing that page in the settings and had not noticed the “Rotax fixed” statement before and was wondering what it indicated. 

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    This question would best be directed towards DYNON.

    But if I had to guess, I would speculate that it means that there are No configurable Options for these two items and that their values are FIXED, as in, Not Variable.

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    Thanks Bill, meant to post in the Dynon Forum...

    Here is the reply from Dynon to my question in case anyone is interested:

    That means the ranges are defined by rotax and can't be user adjusted. Furthermore those are dynamic ranges where they change based on oil temperature.

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