There seems to be some worsening, intermittent fault with the Lane B light on my Foxbat with 400 hrs. The Lane B (or both lights) light is usually on when taxiing. When I do a run up at 4000 rpm, it usually goes off. For a while, sometimes it did not go off, but would go off when I restarted the engine. More recently, it goes off at 4000 rpm during runup, but comes back on at lower revs. Neither of the Lane indicators on the Dynon Skyview show a fault with either lane. 

Is it okay to fly if the lane light is steady of if the Dynon does not show a Lane error? Do the Dynon lane lights mean the same thing as the Lane lights on the instrument panel? 

I have read that you need a dongle to get an error log, but you can read what the current errors in on the Dynon screen in a place in the Engine menu. Does that mean that the Dynon logs the most recent error, or does the error have to be occurring withe the engine running to read the error on the Dynon? If the Dynon can read errors, how come the Dynon Lane lights do not register the same error that is on the lights on the instrument panel?  

Another thing, often after starting, all the engine instruments are not reading anything but have red 'x's through them. That is fixed by flicking the Lane B on and off. What is happening there? 

Thank you so much for your information!

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