Hi Everyone,

I am working on the design of the electrical system for my Kitfox SS7 which will have the

915iS and Garmin G3X.  What I am trying to determine is exactly what sensor information

is provided via the display CAN bus from the 915iS to the G3X.  I was told "everything but

fuel pressure". I'm trying to figure out what "everything" really means.  Here's what I think I


- 4x CHT

- 4x EGT

- Oil Temp

- Oil Pressure


- Fuel Flow

- Alternator/Generator charge current

- Manifold Pressure

- Battery Voltage

- Engine Time

- Fuel Pressure

Is everything but fuel pressure available via the CAN bus?

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    CAN Bus Lane A Provides ...

    Coolant Temp x1  - (Not CHT)
    EGT x4
    Ambient Pressure (AAP)
    Ambient Temperature (AAT)
    Throttle Position
    - - -

    CAN Bus Lane B Provides ...

    Oil Temperature
    Oil Pressure
    - - -

    BOTH CAN Bus Lanes Provide ...

    Fuel Flow Rate
    Manifold Pressure (MAP)
    Manifold Temperature (MAT)
    ECU Hours
    Hobbs Hours
    - - -

    External  Devices Provide ...

    Fuel Level
    Fuel Pressure
    Battery Voltage
    Battery Current

    If either Lane goes down, its dedicated sensors will no longer be reported.
    Example:  Disable Lane B and you will no longer see Oil Temp or Pressure.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
    Clicking the "Thank You" is Always Appreciated.

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    Thanks Bill.  That is very helpful information!



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