im developing some electronic device reading the motordata by CANbus.
Is ther any Rotax specification on the data sent. I know the protocol is according to CANareospece.

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    by » 2 years ago

    Hi Tomas

    Contact your regional distributor for a copy.  It is available if you are an instrument developer, you have to request it.  


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    by » 11 months ago

    Hi Tomas,


    were you able to get your hands on the CAN protocol? I'm trying to convert data so I can use it with older EFIS that I have and that is not compatible with the ECU unit.

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    by » 10 months ago


    In talks with the USA distributor they say it is available to any instrument manufacturer.  You would need to contact your Rotax distributor and sign an NDA to get copy is what I was told.


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    by » 8 months ago

    Out of curiosity, do they release the only EFIS CANBUS protocol under NDA?  Or does that include the maintenance port CANBUS protocol as well?  The EFIS protocol is not difficult to figure out without the documentation.. maintenance port is similar, but they flip message bits to obfuscate the information.

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