Would it be possible to replace regulator A in a 915 iS C24 with a second AC-DC converter powered by generator A? That would increase efficiency (the regulator is shunt type and generates lots of waste heat) AND it would allow a backup 28 V source for the main bus in case generator B fails and just a little electrical power (whatever generator A can supply minus what the EMS uses) is needed.

And what is the max current that can be supplied by the 915 iS C24 AC-DC converter's "14 V DC Output EMS" line?According to the heavy maintenance manual the 28 V output can supply up to 800 W but it doesn't say what the 14 V one can supply.

Also the installation manual for the 915 iS C24 figure 3.19 makes it look graphically like the 3-phase input is rectified then first converted to 28 V before being converted again to 14 V. Is this actually what it does or is it a single internal DC-DC converter that is simply switchable between 14 and 28 V?

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