Does anyone know of a USA source for the 915iS fuel pump inlet / outlet metric (M14x1.5) to rubber hose adaptor fittings? See attached photo.

Thank you


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    On my 915iS fuel module the fittings are not metric but standard AN6 ..... see attached photo.

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    Hello Terence,

    I wish mine was AN6 too, 

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    Entering  "M14 Female Barb" on eBay gives many options.
    Including ...




    Unfortunately Not USA sources.

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    Do you have the space to convert M14 to 6-AN with an Adapter?  (USA)



    Are you doing something new that you can't reuse what you have?

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    Rotax offers the 912iS / 915 fuel pumps and fuel rails in both metric and UNF (AN-06).  On the metric version, the fuel pump fittings will have a concave (socket) on the end, which requires the hose side fitting to have the convex shape (ball) with a female thread collar. This is just the opposite of an AN-6 fitting. There is no O-ring seal on the metric fittings Rotax uses, just a ball type seat. 

    Here in the USA, I have found it impossible to find hose fittings that match these metric fuel fittings. It's difficult to even get information on what standard they are built to. I'm sure this information is available in other parts of the world, but it's sure makes it difficult for owners of US aircraft that were delivered with these metric fittings.  My aircraft was built for US delivery but somehow came with the metric fuel fittings. When it was time to replace my braided fuel lines, I ended up converting the fuel pump and engine fuel rails to AN-06 fitting so I could use aircraft hose assemblies produced here in the USA. This was not cheap, it required new fuel rails at the pump and engine. 

    There are several types of 14x1.5mm hose fittings: 24-deg, 30-deg, ball type, O-ring.  I don't think any of the fittings on ebay (see above post) will fit, they all have O-ring seals.  I also don't think the adapter from Pegasus Racing has the correct seat angle (needs to be ball type). It would be great if Rotax Admin would chime in and define the type of hose fitting that works with the metric fuel pump fitting. 




    Thank you said by: Bill Hertzel

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    Hello all,

    Thank you for you input and interest. Looks like I will have to try working with the aircraft manufacturer. 


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