Brake Bleeder Pressure Tank

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Deluxe Brake Bleeder Tank has been completely redesigned to resist the solvent effects of most types of aviation brake fluids. The high-impact plastic reservoir and specialized seals are compatible with 5606 and Skydrol. The hand operated pressurizing pump has also been totally re-engineered to deliver more pressure with fewer strokes. You get everything needed including a Cleveland/Matco adapter and the universal adapter which will fit most brake receptacles. Ats Pro Lifetime warranty
Two extra Offset Brake Bleed Adaptors available to be modified for metric and other bleeder screws. Adapters will couple firmly to the 079-00300 (FC-6446) type bleeder screw used in Cleveland and Matco brake systems so that you can properly bleed and charge the aircraft's brake lines and cylinder. It has a quick-connect coupler at the other end, which will work with all bleeder tanks (such as our model 225 Economy Bleeder Tank) or other pressurized fluid systems. The offset design allows the hose to clear the wheel hub when connecting to bleeder tank. It locks firmly in place around the nipple and forms a high-pressure seal, so there is absolutely no chance of leaking fluid.

Used in good condition currently has Mil Spec 5606 in tank, purchased for $185.19

Note: If the kit is to be shipped the 5606 will be drained.  

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Sat 03 Jul 2021 9:27 am

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