The Rotax 2 stroke exhaust system is a very critical component of the engine, and is tuned for performance and reliability.

The exhaust system should not be changed or modified in any way as it may cause the engine to lose power.


The exhaust system is in a very hostile environment and it must be inspected prior to every flight for tightness, physical damage (external cracks) or changes in sound pattern.


IF you find any external cracks or hear any changes in sound, DO NOT ignore them as they are an indication that something is happening with the internal baffles.


Don't just weld the cracks  - the exhaust system should be replaced with new.

We ALSO strongly advise against buying USED exhaust systems, because the internal condition of the exhaust system could be deteriorated.

A broken exhaust baffle can block the exiting exhaust and cause an engine failure. There have been aircraft accidents directly linked to such events.




In the above photos you can see the internal construction of the exhaust  - and photos of broken baffles that have blocked the flow of exhaust, causing an in-flight engine failure.

These baffles are the internals of the same "patch-welded" (and unfortunately deemed serviceable!) muffler shown directly above.

Don't neglect your exhaust system as it’s a VERY important part of the engine!