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    So back to the Rotax/EarthX batteries.  For those who may care consider this,

    FAA AC 20-184 

    Yes EarthX did all the compliance testing and are working on an STC for almost every aircraft in the GA fleet.  On their webpage you can see the ones already approved and the roadmap for the others.  Very few suppliers in the market are doing this much for our light sport market.  Utility batteries for farm and the atv market are not at all tested this completely.  Given safety is a key issue i like the warm fuzzy feeling of using something that is very unlikely to fail from a design issue or materials issue. 

    Jeff you bring out some good points on some issues from the past high output 3 phase systems.  The biggest problem on all the early users of the injected was the lack of loading on the electrical system.  This as you know then gave huge problems with heat in the system as it tried to dump the excess electrical power.  Some aircraft were much worse than others where they did not have a way to keep the regulator (B for the most part) cool and we saw failure of the connectors and wires.  (too small a cross section) They have come up with improvements and i hope that some 3rd party companies will step up and develop improved parts.  (still waiting for the release of the mosfet regulator to replace the B side) 


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    Thank you all for your interesting contributions.

    Alejandro Zapata


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