Hi to all. Am in the process of closing up internal cockpit panels on a Sling 2 build but before I do this I was thinking of pressure testing the fuel line system including the fuel selector valve and all the various fuel lines and joints etc. My thoughts were to block off the fuel return line (912iS engine) at the wing root and then pressurize the fuel system with air at the fuel pick up line also at the wing root. I would do this separately for each of the left and righthand side tanks.

I was thinking of pressurizing the system to say 5 to 10 psi and then preforming a leak down test over time to check that all my joints and hoses etc. were good. I appreciate that there is some difference between static air pressurization and hydraulic liquid pressurization, but my questions are: 

1. do people see a benefit in performing such a test assuming I have carefully and hopefully correctly installed and torqued the AN/PTFE hose fittings I have installed throughout the system.

2. is there any risk of damage to fuel components e.g. fuel pumps, fuel regulator, injectors etc. in performing this test?

Look forward to any input and thoughts on this matter. Thanks in advance. 

  • Re: Fuel System Pressure Testing before engine start

    by » 6 weeks ago

    Good idea,in theory.  Much better to find fuel leaks on the ground.

    As for test pressure - speculation: I would not use a pressure very much over what the system will be expected to handle - may cause unnecessary damage. You could use fuel in the lines (air over hydraulic) to check for leaks.

    Can't comment on your fuel reticulation system but mine would be difficult to pressure test.

    Good luck & let us  know how you made out.

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