Well here I am having to correct myself on a post. I had heard from a top person (we'll leave it at that) about the lack of ZDDP in Aero Shell Sport Plus 4. You would have thought they knew, but I just had someone send me this document that actually shows otherwise. So never let it be said I won't fix my mistakes. Aero Shell according to an MSDS sheet has 1% -2% of ZDDP. That actually translates to 1000ppm - 2000ppm. So the bottom line is I was misinformed and now it is corrected and Aero Shell Sport Plus 4 is good. ZDDP is good for us and it helps reduce or stop the metal to metal on our flat tappet lifters and gearbox. Enjoy your Aero Shell.
I know some of you are tickled you won't need to switch. Now I need to have a chat with my high up source

What a PITA! :oops:

If some of you don't know what I'm talking about then your ahead of the game and I wouldn't even ask.

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