Question can a IRMT perform an Annual on a LSA or does this only give the technician the ability to work only on the Rotax? After receiving a listing of IRMTs from Roger, it put to question would this same technician be able to perform the Annual. Noticed that some state that it is a condition inpection, does this translate to an Annual Inspection? The last Annual was done by an A&P with an IRMT rating, unfortunately he has moved out of area (still requiring that I fly it three hours away),requiring that I fly the aircraft miles away to get this work done. Therefore, want the work done right and to find a technician with the correct credentials. The technicians listed for Kansas, no longer do this type of work. Roger,(or anyone else) if you could recommend a technician for Overland Park, KS (Kansas City area), it would be appreciated. From a personal note, it is a problem to find anyone qualified to work on the LSA, and certainly does not do anything to expand the LSA industry, questionning whether to continue with LSA aircraft or not.
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    Hi Roland,

    Here you go. These are mostly LSRM-A's with a few A&P's mixed in. I don't know any regular A&P's. Go to www.SportPilot.com or www.Ctflier.com and ask your question. They may have a good answer for you.


    The IRMT is not certified to do an Annual Condition inspection on an LSA. It just means he is trained to work with specific knowledge on the Rotax. He needs to be an A&P or LSRM-A. For the SLSA guys it is whom ever is listed in the Maint manual from the aircraft Mfg.

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    I take that as a no. Most IRMTs are not qualified to do the Annual. Difficult the find the person with the required credentials.

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