Are there any standard color coding protocols for aviation? For example, I am going to add some ground wires. Is there a "typical" ground wire color?
Are there any good wire marking protocols to label a wire so it is easy to identify which system it supports?
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    Typically, in homebuilts ground wires are black and hot wires are red. There are no standards as such though. Some people use different colors for different functions or systems. Most factory built certified aircraft use numbered white wires for everything. some avionics manufacturers use colored wires. The numbered white wires are (in my opinion) the best way as the numbers are imbedded in the insulation every few inches along the wire and can be easily traced. Problem is that not many of us can afford to keep 20 or 30 different spools of numbered wire of each gauge needed. I use colored wiring and even then have to use one color in several applications occasonally. One thing I have found to be essential is to keep a complete wiring schematic and keep it updated every time you change something. This can be a real lifesaver when tracing a fault.


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