My 912S is in a ultralight and is exposed, the radiator is located just above the center mounted BS and below the engine, I'm thinking that if I take the lower hose off the radiator and drain it that I should get at least 90%, if not more, of the coolant out, is this correct or am I missing something.

I know it's a dumb question but if you don't know for sure you don't know so I ask people that do.
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    Hi Ted,

    You certainly have the right idea. You can get most all the coolant if you pull that lower hose, but remove the cap on the tank first. Then I would have someone cover the tank with their hand and blow hard down through the tank 2-3 times. You will get the other 35% that didn't just drain. The cooling system is wide open so this works very well. Put a rag over the bottom hose and radiator opening because when you blow through the system it will get all over if you don't have something there to stop it. Then put the hose back on and fill'er up. Don't forget the reservoir tank. It will take about 2/3 gal. in the engine and then what ever your reservoir tank size. The amount will depend on how long your hoses are. All this only takes 15-20 min.

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    The O'll blow job trick, I've done that on my motorcycles, sometimes it's amazing how much more one get out doing that.

    Thanks for the reply.

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