Hello, I have a 912ULS engine mounted on my RV12 aircraft. During my last oil change, I burped the engine during the draining of the oil, until it stopped dripping from the bottom of the oil tank. I then replaced the oil filter and added 3 liters of oil. I purged the engine and everything seemed fine.

I did not check the oil level until after my first flight (knowing that I had just put in three liters) To my surprise, I have about a liter too much oil showing on the dip stick after burping the engine. My question is........considering how the Rotax has an "oil tank", does too much oil damage the engine, or since it has an escape route out of the tank is it ok?

Your response is appreciated.
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    Hi Stephen,

    You don't need to turn the prop to change oil. It just makes for more work because you then need to do a full oil purge. The little extra oil that comes out isn't worth all that effort and if the purge isn't done well or done wrong it could open you up for some serious issues. Most of the oil is in the tank, isn't that much in the engine you can get out with just a prop rotation.

    In a dry sump oil system and extra oil in the tank won't hurt a thing. The worst that would happen is it would over flow out the vent tube up on the neck of the tank and make a huge mess to clean up. Wet sumps like the Continental and Lycoming are a different story.

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    Thank you said by: Stephen Garrett, YEN NIEN YU

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    Hi Steve,

    Too much oil in a dry sump engine is no problem. (unless it runs out of the overflow all over the floor) In wet sump engines it can be a very expensive disaster.


    Thank you said by: Stephen Garrett

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