I have located 3 "kits" for the replacement of the modules on my 912 ULS. I currently have a "Bully Hawk" soft start installed and wonder if the new modules with the soft start will fit as a direct bolt on replacement if I remove the existing soft start or will it involve many mods or changes of some sort to the wiring harness etc.? I am not technically inclined from an electronics perspective but am willing to try if it is worth the effort. My current set up is working fine at the moment but just thinking ahead because of the attractive price for the "kits".
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    by » 5 years ago


    It all depends on what modules are on your engine. Rotax has changed the configuration numerous times. It would help if you could provide your engine serial number, and perhaps a few pictures of the modules that are currently installed, as well as the part numbers on the modules.

    Provide that information and I'll get back to you.

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