Engine Block Heaters

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Does anyone have any insight to managing cold weather engine starts? I've been having a lot of difficulty starting my 914 on frosty mornings and I worry about damaging the starter, battery and clutch/ gearbox assembly with multiple failed starts. I've been thinking about installing a tannis type block heater, or two and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions regarding where the most effective location to place a heating strip would be: ie gear box, cylinders, etc? Thanks..

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    Engine heaters are an excellent idea for people that fly in cold weather areas. There are two common products. Reiff and Tanis. Tanis is the gold standard and one I would recommend. Rotax has a video online that has a demonstration. Plus you can purchase a product called "SwitchBox" that you can plug it into and turn the heater on or off with your phone. If you fly in cold weather it is worth the investment not to beat your engine to death trying cold starts.



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    I use the Reiff system for the 912, along with a Switchbox. Reiff supplies a heat element for the bottom of the engine and one that goes around the oil canister. I think mine is the 150 watt one and works like a charm. I turn it on from home a few hours before Imfly or even the night before my flight. 

    The other day, temps were 40F, heat was on for 2 hours, oil temperature on startup was 70F. Started like it was a summer day. 

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    And for those of us tightwads living in more temperate climes (NorCal) there is the following relatively inexpensive option:

    -- EZ-Heat Inc. (www.e-zheat.com/912-914-engines) = $170

    -- Programable Weekly Timer (I have been using a BN-Link heavy-duty outdoor model to set up specific heating times throughout the upcoming week) = $16 

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