I have some confusion in reading the FLYdat downloaded reports. The Operation Data runs have operation time stamps that go beyond the current hours on the FLYdat. Also, the exceedances recorded in the Line Report are not recorded in the Operation Data. In fact, the rest of the data on the Line Report is not matched anywhere on the Operation Data's rolling 4 hour memory.  What's going on here?  I have this same issue with several aircraft. Are these phantom exceedances, or is there a problem with the FLYdat?  On a couple of cases we replaced a sensor to rectify an issue, but my concern is that the information in the Line Report is not matched anywhere else in the 4 hour rolling memory, and why does the memory time go beyond the recorded hours on the FLYdat?

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    by » 4 months ago

    Hi Peter

    Old issues and doubtful anyone knows as they stopped making the Flydat some years ago.  The operational data is the rolling memory.  The exceedance data is anytime a channel exceeds the set limit and it will give you a timestamp.  The exceedance is a different file and unless you have it occurring within the rolling mamemoy it only tells you the limit and time you had the event.  

    There were 3 versions of Flydat.  The first version was made by a company that no longer exists and there is no support for them.  They are the ones with no download plugin on the face of the Flydat.  The other 2 were one with a single pin connector and one version with a USB connector.  At least these had support from the instrument manufacturer for a period of time,  Given the age and lack of support now I would recommend the many new instruments that are available.  Most are far better and more sophisticated than the old Flydat. 

    I dont know if the 2 versions have support from the company who made them but you can try them. 


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