Subject:  Letter of Introduction – NMG Aerospace 

On behalf of the team at NMG Aerospace, we are pleased to announce the acquisition of Matco Manufacturing in
Woods Cross, UT. NMG Aerospace is a 100% privately held family owned company offering world-class aerospace
manufacturing and design services.  NMG’s core competencies include parts manufacturing, CNC machining, design,
assembly, inspection, and testing services. 

NMG recognizes that as a long standing customer any change within your supply base can bring forward questions
or concerns. This letter has been drafted to provide a formal introduction of our business and highlight both our near
and long term intentions.    


As a key customer you may look at this acquisition with the question of “Why”?  NMG Aerospace has been a key supplier
and contract manufacture to the commercial and military marketplace for over 55 years.  More specifically, NMG has provided
contract manufacturing services on wheels, brakes, and actuators to a wide variety of fixed and rotor winged aircraft in the
certified and military aerospace sector.  The acquisition of Matco Manufacturing opens access to a market segment which
NMG had previously not considered as our focus remained on the certified aircraft space.  We believe that the current capability
and position of Matco Manufacturing in the experimental and light sport marketplace brings opportunity for new business growth. 
Not only growth on wheels and brakes, but also growth with a potential to offer complimentary products and services that NMG
has developed over the years.          

What you can expect:

NMG’s intention on day one of this transition is to assure a seamless continuity of supply to key customers such as yourself. 
No major changes are anticipated in the place of manufacture, key manufacturing processes, or product designs which your
company uses.  Matco’s manufacturing facility will reside at its current location in Woods Cross, UT, using its current work force. 
All financial payment and logistic measures which you utilize today to place purchase orders, pay invoices, or receive shipments
will remain as is until further notice. We do not anticipate any incremental burden for our customers as a result of this transition.
Matco Manufacturing will incur a legal name change.  Matco Manufacturing will now be called Matco Aircraft Landing Systems. 
Our goal with such change is to maintain the long standing Matco brand, but also felt it was equally important to emphasize the
key area of the industry that we support: “Landing Systems”

Next Steps:

The effective date of this transaction is January 1st, 2023. As we enter the new year, NMG’s desire is to formalize the
introduction of our businesses with a site visit or other feasible measure at some point during the 1stquarter.  
A member of the NMG Aerospace team will be reaching out directly to organize such introduction.

Key Points of Contact: 

Andy Greene                                        Scott Crawford                                                  Jeremy Earley

Director of Operations                           VP, Programs                                                   Vice President, Business Development

Matco Aircraft Landing Systems             NMG Aerospace                                               NMG Aerospace

Phone: 801-335-0582                            Phone: 330-688-6494                                        Phone: 330-604-6494

Email: greeenea@matcomfg.com          Email:scrawford@nmgaerospace.com               Email: jearley@nmgaerospace.com

Once again, we are excited to join the Matco team in supporting your business and remain motivated to continue
providing an excellent customer service experience.  Please feel free to contact any of us noted above if you should have further questions.



Jeremy Earley

VP Business Development & Engineering


4880 Hudson Drive, Stow, Ohio 44224

Main    330.688.6494 ext 4195

Cell      330-907-8366




Roger Lee
LSRM-A & Rotax Instructor & Rotax IRC
Tucson, AZ Ryan Airfield (KRYN)
520-349-7056 Cell

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